How to Get

The products, places and activities that is recommended for the turists who visit the province …
• Regional Archaeological Museum in the city center, Atatürk's house should be visited.
• Grand Mosque, Sabanci Central Mosque, church dolls, stone bridges and old houses to be seen Tepebağ (the houses of old Adana),also off-center the places of Anavarza,Şar and Misis Ören, Bird Sanctuary in Akyatan and Ağyatan.
• Adana Kebap should be absolutely eaten,turnip juice and should be drunk.Bici bici must be tasted.
• The old bazaar should be visited,the rugs of Karatepe should be taken.
• Archaeological Museum which includes the Works belonging to Hittite
Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Periods, Ethnographic museum,Atatürk Scientific
and Cultural Museum,Misis Mosaic Museum,Misis with the ruins of Sar Oren and
Anavarza,Karasus Ancient Cities are all worth to go around.
• Adana Region has a rich kitchen.The main ingredients of the meals are
flour, wheat, meat, vegetable varieties, spices, milk, yoghurt and curd.The famous unique dish of the region is ‘Adana Kebab’ .It is eaten with plenty of greens and onions salad.Turnip juice and Airan(buttermilk) can be drunk.The other famous foods are ‘Cartlak Kebap, Icli Kofte’ ,’Çig Kofte’ ,’Analı kızlı’ , ‘Humus’ ,‘ Bartefit’,
‘Sıkma’ ,Sırdan’,Mumbar’,’Etli kombe’,’Yüksük çorbası’