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Caves of İzmir

İnkaya Cave


The İnkaya cave is located at the eastern side of Kocadağ which is to the west of Yelki village of İzmir and transportation by land cruiser or tractor from the Yelki village to the vicinity of the cave is possible. Then reaching the cave requires a walk about 20 minutes at a steep and maquis area.

Properties: The total length of the cave is 222 meters and the deepest point in respect to the cave entrance is at -30 meters. The cave is generally horizontal, partially vertical and is dry. In October, the cave temperature is 18ºC at the saloon section and is 22ºC at the final section.

From the potteries found in the cave, it is understood that the cave was used for accommodation in historic periods.

Geology - Geomorphology The cave had been developed inside the Creates aged limestone among some intersecting cracks. After a steep descend, the cave enlarges into a wide saloon. The width of the saloon varies between 2-20 meters and the height of the ceiling is about 5 meters. The floor is covered with ground and rubble. The passages at the edges of the saloon opens into small adorned chambers. The saloon advances to south from an inclined gallery. At the end of the gallery, there is a 7 meter deep shaft descending to the final and lowest section of the cave.

Kurudağ Cave

İzmir, Selçuk District

The cave is located at the Kurudağ locality of Selçuk. . .

Properties: The total length of the cave is 42 meters and the deepest point in respect to the cave entrance is at -22 meters. The cave is horizontal and dry. Inside the cave, the temperature is chilly when compared to the open air.

The cave had been developed in massive dolomithic marbles of Mesozoic age. The cave has a narrow entrance which enlarges to 20 meters. The length is 41 meters. The average height of the ceiling is about 3 - 5 meters. The floor of the cave inclining towards north is covered with rock blocks and travertine formations. Some excavations were carried in this section. There are stalactite, stalagmite and pillars among the cave and there are drapery and flag travertine among the walls.

This cave has also been used as a shelter by ancient humans. As the cave has naturally and archeologically rich values, utilization for touristic purposes is reasonable. The cave is not open for tourism.


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